Mission Statement:
The mission statement of the Foundation is encapsulated in this paragraph:
The purpose and essence of the corporation is to encourage and promote, by all proper and legitimate agencies and means, the academic development and fundamental growth of consciousness, particularly to encourage all forms of enhancement of life on earth…
From the previous paragraph and specifically the phrase, “. . . the fundamental growth consciousness”, The Foundation has taken this concept as its introduction and inspiration.

This phrase, ”fundamental growth of consciousness”, was crafted by one of the original foundation directors, Arnold O. Kenyon II, an attorney who drafted this as the corporate application statement, and through which he received approval for the first license. Counselor Kenyon’s moniker was his initials, AOK, and that positive inspiration has seem to follow the foundation -- even though he passed in the year 2005.

The original application for non-profit status was certified by the Iowa Secretary of State in 1995, and the foundation was approved as exempt from income tax by the Internal Revenue Service under statute 501(c)(3) in the year 2003.

Program Venues:

The foundation provides services under multiple program venues, including clinical psychology, family counseling, sport psychology and industrial applications of psychology.



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